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  • Dr Nicola Jeffery-Sykes

Lost both my parents to NHS inefficencies

My mother died whilst waiting for am ambulance back in 1997, even though she was listed as critical with chronic asthma,. My father passed away in February 2014 because he had to wait for over 6 hours in A and E because the ambulance services didn't know where to take him after a huge stroke, in which he lost complete movement, speech and ability to know who we were. why did they not know of the best stoke unit in the area , so much of his brain functions would have been joined up and recovered.

it is now when I have been moved to 4 different hospitals for brittle asthma, due to lack of beds, waited in A and E for 21 hours , but received excellent help after seeing a clinician, but then post care is so bad , because you have to wait for so long for a recognized consultant to come and see you, that I have to put pen to paper.

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