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Presentation on stay at Appleby Castle by NJS April 2017

Welcome at


  • Arrived at 2.40 and was told by a lady ( Blonde hair) to go away as the castle was not open until 3.00pm and we could not check in 

  • Explained traveled over 3 hours and needed a nebuliser  for brittle asthma 

  • Your gatekeeper contacted castle

  • Waited for 10 minutes for response

  • Told  could go through but would not be able to check in but could wait in the grounds

  • Very cold and not very encouraging, they are first point of contact with castle 

  • Need to be responsive to medical needs of guests

  • Need to present best impression from the gate forward

reception at


  • Receptionist very flustered​

  • Blamed it on the computer's not working, usual expression  'never work when you want them to'

  • Not large number of rooms so thought Appleby Castle  would be conscious of guests names in advance

  • Very smiley manner

  • Peter informed me my credit card had expired or was not valid- made me feel foolish and yet 3 attempt's and it went through

  • Felt angry and uncomfortable when it was not my fault


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