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Nicola Jeffery Sykes,

a bit about me:

Nicola is a unique blend of high performance, strong business skills, mature and dynamic presenting attributes and a classic training in acting and business presenting.

  • She is a passionate and dynamic business entrepreneur

  • She is a leading journalist in software sciences and business start ups

  • Nicola passionately believes in enthusiasm for existing and growing businesses, business start up's, giving young and more mature people, the chance to run their own destinies and achieve things they never thought possible in a unique method.

  • Nicola is  a committed actress, on all medias  performer and regularly appears in productions and local charity events

  • Nicola's motto has always been to encourage 'all people to believe in yourself,' along with never giving up  

  • She delivers  your business's with skills and strengths with passion and enthusiasm.

  • To be open to all new ventures and to market her skills to a much wider audience.


We are making an effort to present you with Nicola's achievements and forthcoming projects as soon as possible. Email me; Natasha her assistant at

Please let us know what your questions are, we will be more than happy to help

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